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                ASM Newsletters

                Stay informed about your Society

                ASM produces a monthly newsletter that is sent to all members of the Society. Newsletters help keep members up-to-date on activities of the Society; include announcements about awards, grants, and other opportunities; and provide inside information on functions of the Society, such as special events at annual meetings. Previous issues are listed below.

                2016 Newsletters

                • May 2016 - News about #ASMgopher and notes from Pres. Lacey on her 2 years and moving forward!
                • January 2016 - Grants and awards available, nominate a colleague, and #ASMgopher!

                2015 Newsletters

                • June 2015 - Highlights from #ASMJax, James L. Patton Award, looking forward to our next meeting in the Twin Cities, and more!
                • January 2015 - News on our publisher and business office, reminder about #ASMJax, ASM awards and more!

                2014 Newsletters

                • November 2014 - Update on #ASMJax, values of natural history collections, and impacts of declining carnivores!
                • September 2014 - Crowd sourcing natural history information, woodrats and creosote bush, and Much More!
                • June 2014 - ASM Award Winners, Award-Winning Moms, Wolf-Coyote-Fox Cascades and Much More!
                • April 2014 - ASM Elections, Deep-diving Whales, Zebras, Ticks, Sea Sloths, ASM at Work, and Much More!
                • March 2014 - ASM in OKC, Arctic Assessment, New Species of Slow Loris, Animal Care and Use Webinar, and Much More!